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What to do when depression hits you at 4 am... 

You get up and read your self-help book on getting through the pain.  

And you vent to your husband.

But yesterday was the type of day that we couldn’t quite lift each other up enough with embraces and encouragement. My pain triggered his. We were both debilitated together. 

We had to get out. A change of scenery. A drive. Different views.


It wasn’t the sunniest day. It wasn’t all that warm either. But it was just what we needed. 

We talked to God and about how we were really doing on the two hours down to Portland. Car talk is basically therapy.

Then we browsed for a spot to eat. Had a few drinks. Walked around. Browsed. Felt the fresh air.

But something else happened in the midst of our bad day that turned out to be really good.

We were seconds behind two car accidents on the interstate. Once down and once on our way back. Someone spun out. T-boned. Another hit a deer. And you know how God puts things into perspective? Yeah. 

We are depressed, but we are safe. We are down, but it could always be worse.  


9 weeks

9 weeks