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Chicken update

Chicken update

I’m turning into that crazy chicken lady. 

We need more chicks. Not really, but in my mind I’ve justified it... Here’s how it goes around in my brain:

"I lost three of my girls to a fox back in the fall, so I want to make up for this loss."

"I also want to ensure that we always have fresh eggs, so I need to get new chicks to rotate in when my other girls get older and aren’t laying efficiently."

"It’s hard to remember what it was like having baby chicks, so I just need to get some more and continue to work on my chicken raising skills."

 "I’m also getting different breeds, so this will also be an experiment of sorts."

All good reasons. 

Ha! Really it’s just like give me all the chickens. 

Two easter eggers and one silver-laced wyandotte coming to the Robertson Roost on Easter weekend!



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